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Search Engine Optimization

At SEO-Team Keyword Marketing Services we will conduct extensive research into choosing your target keyword to every search engine marketing campaign. We will take the time to uncover how your target market uses language when they search for products or services like yours will have a tremendous impact on the bottom-line results you will receive from your online marketing campaign.

SEO-Team Keyword Marketing & Research Services seek to harmonies your keyword choices with the terms most used by potential visitors to your website.

Our initial keyword marketing research seeks to understand your audience's behavior, and only then do we discover how this group uses language to search for specific products or solutions.

We have a range of keyword marketing packages available to suit your business requirements. We can also customise packages to suit.

  • Keyword Monitoring

    SEO-Team also monitors your website for keywords that may be underperforming so that these terms can be removed. This helps lower your pay per click marketing costs, removes keywords from your site that are no longer pulling their weight, and allows you to either test new keywords - or implement new keywords which reflect periodic content changes to your site.

  • Keyword Research

    Understanding what words a potential visitor uses to construct a query to find their product. This may sound simple, but quite often the keywords used by your potential customers are often different the keywords you use to refer to your own products and services within your company.

  • Relevant Keyword Analysis

    You need to know what words people are typing into search engine query boxes to locate products, services or information that you offer on your website. But beware -- different keywords can signify different customer intent.

    When you're developing your target keyword list, first discover which keywords your visitors are querying to arrive at your website, what keywords are producing the highest conversion rates -- and then research additional, relevant keywords and phrases.

  • Keyword Phrases

    Phrases of three words or more are becoming a more common way for people to search. So it's not only important for you to find the right keywords, but also the right phrases.

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